I Poisoned My Child

And I haven’t been arrested yet.

A big brother with liver cancer gets a sweet hug from a little brother.

If you don’t live in North Carolina, you may not have heard about our Cape Fear River water supply crisis. Apparently, the chemical that replaced C8 (used for Teflon) was replaced by a chemical called Genx. This chemical has been pouring into our drinking supply for years. DHHS says rates of liver cancer were up in our area during the time that our 11 year old son, Zack, was diagnosed.

And sure – lawsuits will be filed and there will be years of litigation and money will eventually be trickled out to people impacted but really? Money? Blah blah blah!
Criminal charges should be brought against anyone who knew this and didn’t make the public aware. Dumping it in the Cape Fear River for years – knowing it is the water supply for towns downstream…..I cannot begin to wrap my head around it! If I fed my kids poison, I would be arrested. But it’s ok for for a company with a permit to release unregulated chemicals ( chemical that they know cause a variety of health issues and death) into water supplies so I can unknowingly feed that poison to my kids? 
The thought of me giving my children poisoned water makes me sick. I remember insisting he drink water instead of soda because it was better for him. I remember encouraging him to swim in our city water supplied in ground pool because exercise was good for him. I remember making him bathe daily because he was dirty from doing little boy things.  I remember watching him die. He was only 12. He died from liver cancer….liver cancer likely caused from this?


His life mattered

How can this continue to happen all over this great nation? Water supplies contaminated and poisoned (knowingly) by US companies! When I google it – I am dumbfounded that it is happening again and again. Our water is being poisoned by US companies – not by hate filled terrorists – these are US companies! How is it that we are not more outraged? Our communities, our children, our pregnant mommas and future generations are counting on us to stand up for them. 

If we don’t insist on better, it will never get better.

It’s time to fight!

Zack smiled as I fed him poisoned water.

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20 thoughts on “I Poisoned My Child

  1. In Pamlico County we received letters for a few years about something in our water that MAY cause Cancer!! I switched to Bottled and I believe over half the people on our road have had Cancer!! Does make you not want to soak in the tub or take long showers!! It is CRAZY!! YOUR Zack should not have had to pay the ultimate Price for their uncaring thoughtless actions. Thanks for spreading the information!

  2. I am so very sad to read your current Facebook entry, Wendy! I cannot begin to know how devastated you must feel with the realization of why Zack was taken to Heaven so early. I followed Zack’s journey on Caringbridge and was there in prayer with you when you were in Cincy & the campground when our Lord came for him! To read this now…after following your family through Zack’s life, I want you to know that I will again pray for you as you fight a war now to save countless other children who can sadly suffer in the future, as Zack did. I will be praying that God will use you mightily in this war, as you continue to dwell on His Word for your direction…using verses like Proverbs 3:5&6 and Isaiah 55:8&9 to encourage your heart.

  3. Fight…fight…fight! We must join together…we cannot let this pass any longer…We, The People, must work together. Look at the Flint water calamity…swept under the rug…and our governor went unscathed. People are dying…pregnant women and mothers are blaming themselves for deformities, miscarriages, stillbirths….and for keeping their children well-hydrated. Please don’t blame yourselves…blame the perpetrators and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Peace…my love an support to all.

  4. A precious child gone way to soon.My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I pray something is done about this
    God Bless.

  5. Please provide the research that links GenX to liver cancer? None such exits….you are just trying to sensationalize the death of your son. Pathetic.

    • If you will contact Lisa Blossom Grogan she will provide you with the scientific study! Join the group Wilmington GenX on FB it’s on there too. I can’t believe you are such a cold hearted person to post what you did on this blog about her child! The next time i take my 5 year old for his chemo treatment that is a 3 1/2 year treatment plan you could go. You should travel with US cancer moms to the children’s oncology clinics & live this daily hell that our families are in. We will pray for you that kharma doesn’t come back on you.

    • How insensitive of you to speak to a grieving mother that way!!Be careful, your words may come back in you!!!! It may take years to prove or disprove her assertion. In the meantime, illegal dumping is abhorrent, and should have severe cold sequences!!!

    • You must be working for this Company and getting a paycheck!! Therefore I cannot help but believe you love money more than life!! Money is the root of all evil!! The way of the world, The Almighty Dollar!! Hope I am wrong about you!!

  6. I learned ten years ago that Cape Fear Public Utility Authority does not have the ability to filter out pharmaceuticals. Is it just them or doesn’t any water company have this ability?

  7. Wendy, I can only imagine how you feel after learning this! But you certainly don’t need to blame yourself! You were doing the right thing for your child—-you just had no way of knowing that the water wasn’t what it should be! I will be praying that God can help you find the peace that you need now.

  8. I lived in reidsville Nc shortly after moving there my son Noah was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma, he passed in 2009, shortly after my husband passed as well of cancer in 2010.

    • I’m saddened to hear of your loss. Praying for peace and strength for you. I am convinced that water supplies everywhere are full of more pollutants and carcinogens than we know. It must be reversed!

  9. My heart hurts for you. We as a community in Wilmington and surrounding areas need to aggressively pursue the people responsible for this!!!!!!!!!!!