Happy 13th birthday Nick

imageMy cup ran over with JOY 13 years ago today as we welcomed a precious baby boy to our family.

A baby brother.

my boys

Meeting big brother…

Truly, a gift from God.

He is a beacon of light that would draw me from bed in my darkest days of grieving through the loss of a big brother.

He is medicine for my grieving heart.

He is a thousand reasons to smile.

He was an amazing little brother and he is an extraordinary big brother.image

His love for God and love and compassion for others inspires me to be a better me.

Thank you LORD for this gift. This blessing.

Ps 23:5b “…my cup runneth over.”

We love you! Happy birthday Nick!imageimagezack10001.jpg2010-05-09-13-13-302.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Happy 13th birthday Nick

  1. Happy Birthday ,Nick! I feel like I have watched you grow up. Mrs. Mayo , I lost my brother when he was just shy of 41. When I turned 41, it was hard knowing I was now older than my big brother. That feeling returns again and again , and I grieve for every year he was robbed. Maybe Nick was so young he won’t feel that , but he may and I know you will comfort him. Losing a sibling defies all rules of gravity . God Bless you all. I admire you and pray for you .