A Moment in the Junk Drawer


As I dug through the mounds of items,  I could hardly believe how much junk stuff could be in one drawer.  I forgot what I was even looking for when I spotted the shiny object. Wondering how this tiny camera made it to our junk drawer, I switched the power to on. Nothing happened. So, I dug around a little more, searching for the matching cord. AHA!   

A minute or so later, my busy morning was interrupted by his beautiful, eleven-year-old blue eyes watching quiet tears roll down my face. His blonde hair was combed perfectly to disguise his Daddy’s trademark cowlick. “Take my picture mom,” I heard him say. He needed a picture of himself and since selfies weren’t cool yet in 2010, he still needed his momma – if only for a few minutes.  

I vividly remember that ordinary moment.

Moments don’t last but they become part of our story.

Does each moment count more than we realize?  

Why do we rush so many moments? 

If we are hurrying to get to the next moment, we might miss the ones we live in right now.

“Forever is composed of nows.”  – Emily Dickinson

I wipe my tears and cram all the junk back in the drawer. A messy moment waits for me.    

Grits wait to be cleaned off my cabinet, off the dog and off a tiny, giggling face with those “same” blue eyes. When mommy is distracted by shiny objects, moments tend to get messy.  

Cherish all the moments.

Even the ones covered in grits.

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. – James 4:14

Be blessed in all of your moments!





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6 thoughts on “A Moment in the Junk Drawer

  1. Wendy, I have never met you, but I have followed your journey all the way and you still make me cry with your posts. Mothers are just so special and so are our boys–and girls. (I have two of each.) May God bless your day. Thank you for sharing your real life memories.