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It has been 5 years since Mayo and I attended an Express International Leadership Conference “Evening of Excellence”. It is a black tie affair and the evening is filled with fancy food, great networking and top offices are recognized with awards for various levels of achievement. Getting awards was always fun for us in the past, but after Zack died – it lost its appeal…

Everything changed after he died. We have had to learn how to live in a world where loss has transformed us. Loss forced us to adjust to a new normal….things and places aren’t the same; relationships with others are not the same; our relationship with God is not the same and the way we see ourselves is not the same.

And here we are.

Almost five years later (has it really been that long?).

After a record-breaking 2015 (with an incredibly committed and tenacious team), we decided to attend this year’s Evening of Excellence in the great city of Dallas, Texas.

I’m glad we did.

We are part of an amazing organization that has loved us through our loss and continued to celebrate our office’s success – even when we weren’t there to celebrate it ourselves. Saturday night, they cheered us on as Mayo and I took the stage to accept our award for the first time since Zack’s illness and death.

And we felt the love of our Express Employment Professionals Family (yes we are!).  This family was there for us in our office – in the hospital – at the Ronald McDonald House – at our home and at a funeral for 12 year old Zack.  They encouraged us, prayed with and for us. They believed with us and pushed us onward.  They cried with us and they grieved with us. They loved us.

And after being knocked down, they, along with so many others, helped us get back up.

And we are still standing

Even on the hardest of days.

We are truly blessed to be loved and to be in the business of changing lives daily and making a difference A Moment at a Time

Ready for the stage!

Ready for the stage!

This award will look great in our office!

This award will look great in our office!


Team Wilmington!

Team Wilmington!


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11 thoughts on “Still Standing

  1. You both look like you are attending the “oscars”!! Congratulations to both of you and your dedicated employees. Losing a child does change one’s persceptive in every aspect of life, beautifully written.

    • It was so great to see you there Matt….our hearts break for you and Lisa. Mila impacted so many lives. Sending you both hugs!

    • It was so great to see you there Matt! Our hearts break for you and Lisa. Mila’s life impacted so many. Sending you both hugs!

  2. It is so good to see you and Mayo smiling. I know there is still a hole in your heart where Zack use to be. However, you guys have been able to pull yourselves together and create a new normal. Your two little boys are precious and I’m sure they bring you much joy and are making new memories in your new home. I continue to remember you all in my prayers. Have a great Spring and Easter season!!

  3. Hi Wendy! You guys look amazing and I am so happy to see you all are doing so well! Keep the faith and pushing onward! Beautifully written.

  4. Congratulations on the win. You both look great and awesome pictures. Zack was with you both and smiling. I am glad you had a good time. God Bless you and the family. The baby is so cute. Hope Nick is doing ok.