New Season of Writing

I received many messages regarding my absence in blogging over the past year. Although I have continued to write (because writing is where I find my greatest healing) it has been better for me to keep my writing between God and me.

Mostly, because He is the only one who can handle all I had to say.

Because the world does not understand the reality of being a bereaved parent and the fear of loss again is real.

But, here I am ready to pour out words from my heart with whoever will read them.

Not because I am eager to share words – but because it may help even one.

And because we are called to be faithful to the task and leave the results of our training in the Lord’s hands.

May He find in me – and in you – faithful stewards.

I pray He will give me fresh courage in this new season of writing and the courage to keep seeking Him where I doubt He is and the courage to be part of a better story.

Watch for new posts coming soon… I hope you will be blessed.


(And here is the newest picture of our Baby Sam – he turned 10 months old yesterday!)

Sam turned 10 months old yesterday!

Sam turned 10 months old yesterday!

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7 thoughts on “New Season of Writing

  1. So pleased to see how beautifully baby Sam is doing. As a bereaved parent myself sometimes I worry when I don’t hear from you that something else has happened – I know the feeling that once it has happened to you you know it could happen again. I often pray for you and look forward to hearing how Nick is doing as well. May God continue to bless you as you walk in faith with Him by our side – it is all we are asked to do.

  2. You don’t know me, but I have been reading your blogs and posts for years. I think of you very often when I pass Parsley school and I say a prayer for you and your family. I am sure you have helped many a person with your story. I hope you have moments of peace.