Welcome Baby Mayo!

All my boys...

All my boys…

After being hospitalized for a week with pre-eclampsia, I was induced and gave birth early to Samuel Hugh Mayo on Saturday, December 20 at 10:29am…. 1 samuel 1:20 – it came about in due time, after Hannah had conceived that she gave birth to a son and named him Samuel saying “Because I have asked him of the Lord.” (Born in answer to prayer and dedicated to God). Thank you Lord for this blessed baby boy…truly an answered prayer for our family.

Samuel was not due until January 30 so he was born early at 33weeks 5 days has been in NICU since his birth and our family is pretty much living there with him.  He is doing well but is still taking most of his breast milk through an ng tube (feeding tube through his nose) and he has to be able to eat on his own before going home. He is also experiencing apnea/brady epsiodes (where his heart rate drops) but he is able to bring it right back up on his own with no outside stimulation. Both of these are normal and expected for babies born this early. He is 36weeks gestational age today so we hope to see a lot of progress this week and hopefully take him home in another two weeks or so.

Thanks for your prayers for continued progress for him and for me as I continue to deal with lingering high blood pressure from pre-eclampsia.

We are truly blessed and are enjoying each moment of this new season…

Words can not express the joy of new life.

newborn samuel7

Nick holding Samuel’s tiny foot

newborn samuel1newborn samuel5newborn samuel6newborn samuel3newborn samuel4newborn samuel

Samuel Hugh Mayo

Samuel Hugh Mayo

newborn samuel9

Nick visiting me in the hospital before Samuel’s birth.

newborn boys

All my newborns…


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13 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Mayo!

  1. Oh my goodness – that is just wonderful news!! So, so many blessings! What joy!! Many continued prayers for all of you!

  2. First—–CONGRATULATIONS!! So glad that your newest family member has arrived! Samuel is the name that my son-in-law gave to my fifth grandchild, born in 2008—–also based on the same scripture! And next—–your pictures remind me of my third grandchild, who was born at 34 weeks. Katie was 2 lb. 12oz. They told us that she would need to stay in the hospital (NICU) for 6 weeks——but she was able to come home after three weeks——and we were praising the Lord all the way home!! Visits to the NICU were so hard for the family——but everyone praised the Lord for the NICU and all the wonderful people that worked there each day, too!! Katie started out as a feisty little thing, and at age 8 years, she is still feisty!! Last—-I would just like to say that Samuel looks so much like his big brother, Nick!! Those two will be such a wonderful duo!! I can’t wait to watch their bond grow!! You are all so truly blessed!! Thank you for blessing us with you news and pictures!! My heart sings!! Janice Baucom

  3. congrats to all of you! I delivered my boy/girl twins at 33 weeks 5 days as well, and the boy is Samuel and my girl is Zoe. I remember the NICU days well although the twins are 7 now. I’m praying for all of you!

  4. I have thought about you and your family and wondering. Congratulations on this beautiful little angel sent from God to a wonderful deserving family. He is precious. The pictures are awesome and you all look great and so happy. Nick is adorable, as usual. My prayers go out that you can bring that precious little bundle home some. I am so happy for all your family. Take care and God’s Blessings to everyone. Welcome Samuel Hugh Mayo.

  5. Congratulations to all. What a handsome little boy. Samuel looks like Nick and Ernie. Nick is going to be a wonderful big brother and a big help to mom. Wendy, you are quite a lady! Please rest and take care of yourself.  

    Thanks for sending the good news with the beautiful pictures. Daryl

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

  6. So happy for you and grateful for this beautiful new baby! Will continue praying for your family.
    In love, The Gaineys

  7. What a precious baby!! I know he is bringing a lot of joy to your family. Nick looks like he is going to be a wonderful big brother. I’ll pray for your and Samuel’s improvement.

  8. Congrats! Another beautiful baby boy! Praying you get to take him home soon. What a great start to the New Year!!

  9. So blessed to hear of Samuels’s arrival. We will be praying for his continued growth and development. Nick is obviously going to be a great big brother -after all, he learned from the best, Zach! Loved all of the pictures. Enjoy God’s abundant blessings! Thanks for sharing this special time with all of us.

  10. Re: Photo of Samuel looking at Nick. It is as if Samuel’s expression is saying, ” I know you! I have heard all about you. You are my brother Nick.” :) Thank you for sharing your joy with us.