A Moment She Remembered

Earlier this month, a friend of Zack’s assignment for her 9th grade English class was to choose a moment in time that she remembered in detail and write about it. She chose to write about Zack. She was kind enough to share her writing with us.

We are honored that she selected him as her moment and thankful to know his friends still remember.

I thank my God every time I remember you. ~Philippians 1:3

May you all be blessed by our friend, Abbey Crisp, today.

Abbey Crisp
February 3rd
Honors English

At the end of my 5th grade school year something happened to someone I cared about and it changed me. I met my friend, Zack Mayo in Kindergarten and we were good friends throughout elementary school. We both attended Parsley Elementary and had most of the same teachers. We became pretty good friends and hung out together sometimes! I even had a crush on him in 2nd grade. He was in a horrible accident and from then on, his life was different.

I remember exactly where I was when I found out that he was hurt. I was in the car at an intersection in Crosswinds taking my sister’s friend home. I remember my mom stopped the car on the side of the road and we prayed for him. I was really scared for him. I hadn’t talked to him in a while because I had just moved schools the year before and I didn’t know what to think about the whole thing! The thoughts that were running through my mind were scary and sad. I had never known anyone my age that had been hurt really badly before and things just seemed to get worse and worse. Zack’s mom was updating everyone on Facebook and I just remember looking for her updates so often. Zack almost died several times. It felt like we prayed for him all of the time. We were all so worried about him. He was taken to Chapel Hill where they found out that he had liver cancer and the scooter accident had punctured his tumor.

He fought the terrible disease for such a long time. He was so strong and brave and taught me so much about finding the best in even the worst things and about having hope and faith. His family was with him every minute and never gave up on him. His younger brother, Nick, loved him so much and looked up to him for so many things. I learned to appreciate life, my family, my friends and just everyday things. I know that Zack is in heaven and that I will see him again one day. I still think about him often when I hear certain songs like “I Can Only Imagine” or when I remember back to elementary school. The day I heard about his accident was a day that I won’t ever forget. It seems etched in my brain along with great memories of him.

Thank you Abbey for allowing me to publish this on my blog. You are a blessing!

Abbey and her little sister.

Abbey and her little sister.

zack today

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6 thoughts on “A Moment She Remembered

  1. We never really know the impact we leave on someone else’s life. We need make sure that our impact is always a good one and one that will be remembered as a positive imprint on that life. Thank God for Zack and the impact he made on other’s lives. God bless you all!

  2. That was beautiful Abbey. You are keeping his memory alive. so everyone can know what an awesome boy he was. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful story! Zack is such a wonderful young man, look at all the lives he touched and how the memories that will forever be remembered!!! Thank you Wendy for continuing to share your wonderful Zack with all of us!! Hugs and Prayers!!

  4. Oh sweet Abbey, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of Zach. He made such an impact on so many lives in such a short time. You are a blessing to his family. Stay Strong…
    Joshua 1:9

  5. I came across your blog and looked it over with great interest. I am a cancer survivor. The story written by this young lady with great insight is so meaningful.

    I recall after undergoing a lengthy surgery I was at home recovering. I had to wait two weeks for the post surgery pathology. During that time the anxiety and fear was very intense. The post surgery pathology would either be a death sentence, or confirmation of continued life. One night when I thought I was about to break I went outside, looked to the heavens and begged God for help. I did not ask him to cure the disease. I asked him to give me the emotional strength to handle it no matter what the outcome. A few minutes later it felt like the burden was lifted, like a breath of fresh air. My spirit was not heavy. It felt light, free, energetic and happy. I went back inside and told my family I can handle it no matter what the outcome. The young lady said, “He was so strong and brave and taught me so much about finding the best in even the worst things…” It is obvious to me Zack was filled with the spirit of the Lord.

    The young lady went on to say, ” I learned to appreciate life, my family, my friends and just everyday things.’. I recall several months after my surgery as Christmas approached an acquaintance with a beautiful wife and daughter, and much younger than I, told me he was not in the Christmas spirit. I explained my situation to him and told him that when I was younger if I knew then what I know now I would cherish my family each and every minute of each and every day, I would celebrate the birth of Christ each day, and I would be in a perpetual Christmas spirit. I told him to put a smile on his face, go home to his family, count his beautiful blessings and get in the Christmas spirit. I was very matter of fact about it. He called me up several weeks later and told me he did what I suggested. I asked him if he felt better and he said yes. I could hear the joy in his voice. Zack gave this young lady perhaps the greatest gift anyone could give another. She knows she received a great blessing and that will live on and her family.

    No doubt God picked the perfect parents and brother for Zack.