A Cup of Joy

My cup ran over with JOY nine years ago today as we welcomed the birth of a precious baby boy.

A baby brother.

Meeting big brother...

Meeting big brother…

Truly, a gift from God.

He is a beacon of light that would draw me from bed in my darkest days of grieving the loss of his older brother.

He is a voice of innocent truth.

He is medicine for a healing heart.

He is a thousand reasons to smile today.

Thank you LORD for this gift. This blessing.

Ps. 23:5b “…my cup runneth over

Happy Birthday Nick!

First Mahi-Mahi he caught 40 miles offshore 6/15/2013

First Mahi-Mahi he caught 40 miles offshore 6/15/2013


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8 thoughts on “A Cup of Joy

  1. How is your writing going? I want to buy a signed copy of your 1st book! I know there are some posts I’ve missed & I’m so blessed by reading your thoughts.

  2. Sorry to be late Nick. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Hope you and your family are having a great time.