Busy? Busy doing what?

The other day I was chatting with a mom I don’t know very well. She shared about all the extra-curricular activties her kids were involved in….soccer, tennis, gymnastics, languages, music, scouts, basketball and school, tutoring and homework. I’m pretty sure she mentioned some other things but I just couldn’t keep up.

Her kids were scheduled in so many things, she confessed, that she felt more like a shuttle bus than a mom. She also mentioned her own tennis games, PTA, book club, yoga and something else?She went on to say that they never had time to have dinner as a family. They all went different directions on the weekends and weeknights and there was no way to fit in church because sports are on Saturday and Sunday and they were all exhausted. She then said that she doesn’t remember being this busy as a child and that her children were just too busy to have time to just play. Plus she continued – college is too competitive.

Two of her kids are under the age of 8. College is too competitive?

And I was tired just listening…

But here’s the thing.

As she rambled on and on….her comments really seemed to sound more like a boast than a complaint.

And I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feel sorry for her or be jealous of her…

Isn’t much of the busyness in our lives self-imposed?

Children see what they are trained to see.

Is all our children see in us is “busy”?

Do we like seeing our children come home just as tired as grown ups?

Do we get so caught up in the busy that we forget?

Forget this life is but a vapor?
Forget childhood is a short season?
Forget that our kids have the rest of their adult life to choose to be “busy”?
Forget to let our children use their imaginations and not just schedule activities for them?
Forget to pull the ear buds out, turn off all the technology (their’s and ours)and just “be” with our kids?
Forget to pick up a rock and wonder why it looked that way – not because of some geology class but just because….?

Forget to slow down and savor the precious gift – the moment of now?

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~ Socrates

In this world of hurry – what are we really teaching our kids?

Do we equate “slowing down” with “not successful” – giving in once more to the world?

Does all the hurry make us hurt?

“slow never killed time. It’s the rushing and racing, the trying to catch up, this is what kills time – ourselves.” ~ Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience

How many times have we said “let’s get together soon – just to discover months have gone by and we bump into each other or chat online just to repeat that phrase once again?

Does being busy and over-scheduled make us feel important?

Shouldn’t busy be a season – not our daily lives?

And are our busy, frantic filled days really just a hedge to protect us from emptiness?

Because there is more to life than increasing its speed.

And in moving too fast, we may miss the real gift in the moment of now and the beauty we may find in the slow.

Don’t wait until life forces you to slow down because it just might.

Stand in awe,
and sin not….

and be still.

Selah. ~ Psalm 4:4



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12 thoughts on “Busy? Busy doing what?

  1. Wendy, this is exactly what God has been dealing with me about as we progress into another year. I am determined not to spend 2013 at the frantic pace that I spent in 2012. I love reading your post and the inspiration that they are to me. Keepem coming.

  2. I love……….love…….love reading your posts and really enjoy all the thoughts they provoke. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  3. Thank you SO much Wendy!! This post came at a time when I, as a mother, am struggling with the decision of “should I” or “shouldn’t I” put them in Spring baseball…and swimming…and…and…and…I am a mother of two and I keep thinking I need to get my son back into baseball and my daughter back into softball; however, they don’t really want to play…why? Great question…because they are too busy to play with friends in the neighborhood and just “hang out”! But, as you point out in your post, I feel like I NEED to keep them in something like sports or dance….perhaps this is the year we listen to our hearts instead of other parents!! Thanks again for the reminder of precious time wasted being busy!!!

  4. I have always worried about the parents who kept their kids to busy to be a kid……..and I have found myself telling my grandkids, you plan church and schedule other things around it. How can you not have time for church?? You can not go back and do childhood later…..gone is gone…..why would you want it to not be filled with memories of little things. I was thankful God didn’t give us the financial means to get caught up in ALL the activities……BUT WE HAD FUN!! Your kids may not realize it when they are living it but they will when they are older, mine do.

  5. Thank you Wendy for reminding us of the importance of time given to our children, grandchildren, and to those who are hurting. I needed your words of encouragement and hope today. You are such a blessing to so many, and I continue to praise the Lord for giving you such a wonderful gift of writing to encouragement and give hope to others. Blessings to you today, Linda

  6. I am SO glad i read this. So many lessons and reminders in your message. I am inspired to cut that weekend to-do list in half as the silly things on there can truly wait. My husband and I have our health and hearing my grandmother’s voice over the phone would be way more memorable. Thank you thank you thank you. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

  7. Wendy, I know that we do not know each other all that well but you never cease to amaze me! Your words and your thoughts are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life with so many. You, Nick and Ernie are a blessing to so many. God Bless all of you!