His Sacrifice



Sacrifice requires blood.

The Lamb was perfect and blameless.

He gave so that I could live.

No matter what I had done.

When I caused Him grief, and didn’t care.

When I wasn’t seeking Him.

He was there.


Waiting for Me.

Waiting for You.

When He was nailed to the altar on that day, and the world changed forever.

The word sacrifice took on a new meaning.

God the Father laid all the sins of the world, past, present, and future upon His head…

It was finished

For Me.

For You.

He sacrificed it all.

For Me.

For You.

He died.

So I could live.

So You could live.



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One thought on “His Sacrifice

  1. Your words are beautiful and I enjoy them do much. You are such a strong person and such a wonderful Christian. You have amazing faith in God which we all need to help guide us through each day.