Arms Wide Open

My Daddy, my brother and me with our pony...

Was it really so long ago?

My older brother and me…

Bare, dirty feet. Laying flat in a pasture. A grassy weed in the edge of his mouth. A weed flower tucked behind my ear.

Arms wide open. Staring at the sky.


He would see this. I would see that. We would see nothing… yet we could see everything with our arms wide open.

HIS arms are always wide open. Encompassing. Holding the dark and the light.

 Holding the day and the night.


Across the river from our house in the country, was the home of the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherry Point. The roar of a military jet flying over us never failed to open our arms.

Arms wide open.

HE was crucified. For you.

For me.

With HIS arms wide open.

Zooming around the yard. The tiny hill near the drain field that seemed like a mountain. For a miraculous moment, we were planes.

Zooming through the pasture. The woods. Arms wide open.

In our dreams, we were always able to fly.

Flying. Does it foster the fantasies of our childhood?


The season that stirs our capacity for dreaming and living with arms wide open. Daydreaming. Using our imagination to do and be anything. Little minds and spirits growing.

Arms wide open.

Seeking. Growing. But only growing as much as allowed.

HE is always there with his arms wide open and the graces flowing. Always ready to accept us.

All of us.

Do we seek and respond with arms wide open?

ROARING jet engines fly high over our heads on Friday in Lakeland, Florida.

Lakeland, Florida – The birthplace of our first born son. We welcomed him into this world with our arms wide open. And he lived every moment of his life with arms wide open.

An air show stirs excitement and dreams in a little boy and takes his mommy back to a time and a place where it was easy to live with arms wide open.

A place where all the colors are brighter.

The air is softer.

A place where grass sitting is encouraged and clouds spark imagination. A place where each day is welcomed with arms wide open….awaiting endless possibilities.

Will I ever return to that place?

Upholding childish ideals…

Believing in dreams…

With arms that will always need to spread…

Praying and believing that God will lead.

And I will seek and follow with arms wide open.

PS – Happy Birthday to my big brother

Roland Maye Humphrey III. April 2, 1966 – Sept 23, 2005.

I will always remember…

Zack Sun N' Fun - 2010

Nick Sun N' Fun -2012

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9 thoughts on “Arms Wide Open

  1. Wendy that was beautiful and you are surely living with arms wide open as you pour out your soul to our loving God.

  2. Praise the Lord for what was done at the cross, now we can run to His open arms. Zack is embraced in them!

  3. Dear Wendy,
    You never cease to amaze me how you put your thoughts into such words of beauty and comfort. God has given you quite a gift and I hope someday to read a book from this Journal you have written. It would inspire and bless many as you bless me each time you write. My prayers continue to be with you as you reflect on your precious Zack and your wonderful memories with him here — and look to those you will have with him in eternity. May you and your family have a very blessed Easter celebration looking to the author and finisher of all of us.

    • Wendy I have to agree with Linda!! Your words are filled with such beauty and so much comfort! God has truly used The Mayo’s to help reach and touch people! I love reading your post, they always seem to give me comfort!! I like Linda and so many others look forward to one day reading a book from your Journal that you have written!! God Bless Mayo, Nick and You!!! I continue to pray for The Mayo’s!!
      Happy Birthday In Heaven to your brother! He was a very sweet and funny guy!!

  4. What beautiful messages you give to us. God bless you and your family this Easter Season and always. Betsy

  5. God has been good to us. Ann Vasekomp wrote “Dark can give birth to life, suffering can deliver grace, the ugly can be beautiful. God transfigures everything for His glory” via app on my iPhone. How true! You just move on and try to find joy in each moment and each day knowing that u all will see Zack someday in a very beautiful place with Jesus and his angels, etc…that will be awesome.
    Wendy, I just saw a picture of u on a pony and remembered seeing u when you were at that age. Just one of old days…..
    God bless u and enjoy your spring break! I love u, Joy

  6. Such special photos of both boys from this event – what beautiful memories you’ve all made … And so many more to come with God’s help.